Personal Statement Essay

Personal Statement

Personal statement essays are very important when applying for colleges or college scholarships. A personal statement essay is often submitted alongside other college application documents such as a resume, transcripts, and an application letter. One is likely to miss out on college admission because he or she did not submit an appealing personal statement essay.

Therefore, it is essential for one to know the structure as well as the content that should be included in a personal statement essay in order to submit an essay that will convince a college admissions department that you deserve a change in that college.

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I attended a school that was very diverse and this gave me an experience which enabled me to acknowledge the fact that the universe comprises of various complexities in society, in intellect, and in passion. Nonetheless, I truly wish to learn more. As such, I anticipate joining University of Massachusetts Boston in order to fulfill my diverse inquisitiveness and interests, and in elevating them to new inquest levels. Having students from many nations and cultures, I am devoted to learning and contributing to learners from various kinds of talents, interests, ethnicities, and skills in expanding my knowledge of the universe around us.

When my search for the best university has made me understand that courses like engineering and chemistry will be instrumental in helping me master my future, I sit steadily in my chair reading through over 100 different programs and plethora of student organizations at University of Massachusetts Boston. I look forward to the Logistic Management major in excelling my education in Management.

The leadership skills that I acquire at my high school will enable me to solve different issues both at hand and in the world at large. Since University of Massachusetts Boston is situated in the international domain of Boston, I anticipate taking part in various organizational work such as the ASB program that will act as an appropriate platform for giving back to the society.

In addition, given the many curriculum activities, most particularly sports at University of Massachusetts Boston, I look forward to participating in many of these activities such as table tennis and basketball. I anticipate joining University of Massachusetts Boston given its attractive atmosphere of success and passion, complex diversity as well as its platform to provide an enhanced outlook of the universe. My greatest wish is that University of Massachusetts Boston also looks forward to admitting me.

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